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Boost your conversions and AOV.

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Aqurate Recommendations

Improve your conversion rate and increase your average order value by automatically pushing the right product recommendations to each customer.


Advanced product recommendations

Aqurate's advanced product recommendations are based on Machine Learning models, and work by observing your customers' behavior.


For example, Aqurate sees that user 1 and user 2 purchased items A, B, and C, and when user 3 purchases items A and B, it recommends them item C.

Improve conversion rate and AOV

Aqurate offers three different product recommendation types: similar, up-sell and cross-sell items. 

Improve your conversion rate by displaying similar items on product detail pages. 

Improve your AOV with complementary and upsell items on product detail pages and at checkout.

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Personalize across channels

Target users individually on your website, app and via email with most likely next purchases. Aqurate's native and API integrations allow you to deliver personalized product discovery across all of your relevant channels.

Connect all your data in a few clicks.

Getting data from multiple sources and reconciling it is hard. Doing that continuously is even harder - so we do it for you!


Once your shop, analytics and ads data are connected, all aqurate tools start working for you.


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“We learned a lot about our customers and their behavior. We are now able to better tailor our product portfolio and messaging.”

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