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  • Boost your conversion and AOV  with personalized product recommendations 

  • Improve your customer retention with segmented communication

  • Get valuable insights and save hours of reporting time

Aqurate offers three eCommerce AI tools that help you consistently convert, retain, and understand customers

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Boost your conversion and AOV.

Each visit to your eCommerce shop matters – you worked for it (and sometimes paid hard-earned cash for it, too).

Our AI-driven personalized product recommendations tool improves your conversion rate and increases your AOV by pushing the right product recommendations to each customer.

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Improve your customer retention.

Some customers are just getting to know your brand, while others are long-time champions.


Sending the same newsletters and offering the same discounts to everyone is not going to cut it.


Using Aqurate’s automated behavioral segmentation tool, you can personalize your emails and ads to increase your CTR and conversions.

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Get your shop’s full picture. Save hours of reporting time.

Aqurate Insights does all the math for you, once your shop, analytics, and ads data are connected. It provides proactive notifications to quickly let you know of potential opportunities and threats to your business.


Using Artificial Intelligence, Aqurate Insights detects anomalies and looks at all your data as well as seasonality to maximize relevance.

This helps you invest your product and marketing budget in the most profitable way.

High-growth eCommerce players choose Aqurate

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Connect all your data in a few clicks.

Getting data from multiple sources and reconciling it is hard. Doing that continuously is even harder - so we do it for you!

Once your eCommerce shop, analytics, and ads data are connected, all Aqurate tools start working for you.


How to increase conversion rate and AOV

User needs are complex and understanding them becomes crucial in providing relevant products. The human mind may be complex, but nothing will ever compare to data-based decisions that gather accurate information over long periods of time.

How does a recommendation engine solve this?

Dasha increased the conversion rate by 25% using Aqurate

Implementing marketing automation and AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools to improve conversion has recently been one of the top priorities for most eCommerce players.
This is mainly driven by increasing competition, an increasing Customer Acquisition Cost, and higher expectations from customers.

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